From Concept To Action:

At Concept to action, we strongly believe in ideas… concepts… and being entrepreneur-minded – one of the core aspects of having a successful business.

As we have seen brilliants concepts not been successfully defined, promoted and distributed due to a lack of skills & tools, we are here to guide, to mentor and to support your potential business ideas.

Member of TWIXIS Partners, we are connected with companies providing technical support & development to ensure that we can bring your concept into action. Assessing teams drivers & social interactions, evaluating concepts and presenting ideas in a marketable way to investors, ensuring support on a long term basis is our expertise.


" Concept to action is great at assessing team social interaction, it's made for creative entrepreneur who want to ensure strong synergies between team complementary skills ".

Bruno Teilliard, Owner of Concordwater

" C2A programme involve a creative team, providing strong support to built Business for people having ideas without knowing where to start. "

Paula Chesterman, Editorial Director at Tuscan Talent